Coastal Care Staffing

Make more of your moments in the moment!

Lets face it…our kids are getting bigger and our time is more precious than ever.  Let us help you maximize your earning potential with a rewarding career with Coastal Care Staffing.

We know what nurses want!

As a nurse owned and operated company, Coastal Care Staffing works with you to determine what your preferences are for work. We provide flexible scheduling, competitive pay, and a variety of work options that provide you with the freedom to pick up more work with us, take care of your family, or whatever else you choose. We have partnered with a number of different types of facilities/health care providers in the area, making it possible for you to choose from a variety of shifts to decide when and where you would like to work. We only hire nurses for shifts we believe will materialize and we like to get new hires working immediately.

Coastal Care offers:

  • The Best Pay Rates
  • Work Today, Paid Tomorrow
  • Multiple Client Referrals
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Accountable Schedulers
  • Schedule Yourself Daily or Weekly

Here's What Our Associates Are Saying:

"Coastal Care is The first Agency I’ve ever worked with, and the Last because they are awesome and I cannot imagine anywhere else living up to their standards. They are respectful, polite, and very helpful. You can definitely tell that they love what they do, because there is never a moment where they are grumpy or mean. If you want to join a team that will have your back and treat you right, Coastal Care Nursing is where you should be."

- Shelly - February 2018

"I've been working for Coastal Care for about 1 year now! All the employees are great and everyone ive met so far is very nice! I would DEFINITELY recommend this agency whether your looking for work, or looking for someone to take care of a loved one! If I Had 10 Thumbs They Would Get 20!!"

- Nacal - February 2018

"I’ve been with coastal for 11 months now and I would have to say that this is a great company to work for not your typical run of the mill agency. I would highly recommend coastal if anyone is looking to join, the client coordinators are all really nice and very professional and if you have a problem with a certain client or family member they are sure to take care of it so that you’re not being taken advantage of."

- Shakera - January 2018

"Coastal is a great place! If you have a true heart for nursing you will love it! The staff is amazing, professional caring and real people just like ourselves. They take pride and care in there work, employees and most importantly clients. Both Dee and Kaileen are such good people and very officiant at there job. Most definitely 5 stars."

- Margaret - March 2018

"Coastal Care is great to work with. I have had a fantastic experience working for them so far. The staffing people really work with you and your schedule. Pay is great and I love how easy it is to get your money. So glad that I quit my full time job last week to work with them. No regrets here. I would recommend Coastal Care to all my friends... and I have recruited 2 people already!"

- Jennifer - February 2018

"I love working at coastal care. They recognize the needs of others and reaches out to lend a helping hand. Coastal Care has great team players and they are always go above and beyond to accommodate their clients along with their employees. I would definitely recommend Coastal Care as a place of employment."

- Alicia - May 2018

"I have worked for Coastal Care for a little over 3 yrs. I have always been able to talk to my client coordinator about my needs and they work with me to the best of their ability. They are always pleasant when speaking on the phone. I love working here and plan to have many more great years as an employee of Coastal Care!"

- Heather - April 2018