A Letter From A Local Nurse - To You

I long for you to know my LPN heart. I work at a local nursing home. I see all the temporary nurses coming into the facility. Do you know why I chose to stay in my unit, on my shift, on my assignment? 

I know you work in many different places and the money is great. For me, years ago, I chose to stay right here no matter the cost because there is no cost too great for my family. These residents are my family. They are a family that needs me, day in and day out. Now, they need you too.

So I ask, when you come to my house, you treat it with respect, honor and do your very best. We want the last days and every day of our residents to be awesome and happy. 


Do not bring your junk.

Do not bring your fear.

Do not bring gossip. 


Do bring love, humility, kindness, and mercy. There are some tender, dear souls here who cannot do as they want when they want. You are the ray of sunshine on a gray day, you are the beam of hope over sadness, and you are the voice of happiness for so many.  


Lorraine, LPN 

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