Nurses Helping Nurses ~ What is the call?

Nurses are the hardest workers known on the planet. We are selfless and giving! We are the heart behind the well-being of so many. The nursing professional must have the physical and emotional strength to get through an entire shift because of countless variables. You are the “A” Team in so many instances, in so many circumstances, and in many times you don't even realize it. Teamwork goes a long way to ease the hard work.

Agency nurses work in various settings on a temporary basis. Quite often, we miss the mark when we do not acknowledge that we are not just temporary, but we are also called to be nursing relief for the permanent staff of the facility. Our goal is to be a strength and stabilizer for a facility and the patients. The meaning is much more than just picking up a shift! We are acknowledging the weakness and making it better! That is the mission! As nurses, we are called to love, care, and serve one another inside and outside of the facility walls!

Once our perspective changes, the mission changes!
If we take the focus and shift it to others, then everything changes.

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